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The Diocesan Advisory Committee for the Care of Churches (DAC) is a statutory body which plays an important role in advising parishes, the Archdeacons, the Bishop and the Chancellor of the Diocese on matters relating to the care and use of church buildings in the Diocese, including their contents and churchyards. For more information about the DAC click here.

Faculty Jurisdiction (Ecclesiastical Exemption)

Faculty jurisdiction is the process which ensures that all repairs and alterations to churches, their contents and churchyards are planned and carried out with proper consideration to the historic fabric and architectural significance of the building and to the archaeological impact on the churchyard, while balancing the needs and mission of a parish. For more information about faculties click here.

Before you can petition (apply) for faculty, you will need to send in details to the DAC via the Online Faculty System. The DAC will give its formal recommendation about the proposal in a Notification of Advice. The Notification of Advice will be sent to you via Online Faculty System together with the Petition for Faculty Form and guidance about the next steps you need to take. Contact the DAC Secretary for details on how to proceed. For more information about how to petition for faculty click here.

Routine Repairs and Maintenance – Minor Works

Not all routine work on churches and churchyards requires faculty permission.

Under the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules, the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015 as amended by the Faculty Jurisdiction (Amendment) Rules 2019, which came into effect on 1 April 2020, the works listed in List A  may be undertaken, subject to certain specified conditions, without the need for consultation with the Archdeacon or DAC.  Items detailed in List B may, subject to any specified conditions, be undertaken without a faculty if the Archdeacon has been consulted and given notice to the parish in writing that the work can be undertaken without a faculty. The Archdeacon is required to consult with a DAC officer or member. Applications for List B works should be made via the Online Faculty System.

These Rules create a nationally agreed standard for works which do not need a faculty. There is no financial threshold to works covered by the A and B lists. However there are a number of conditions and it important that these are followed. The DAC Secretary will be able to advise you.

Some works are specifically excluded and these are listed at the beginning of Schedule 1 – Lists A and B.

Any works which are not detailed on these lists will require a faculty. For more information about how to Petition for Faculty, click here.

DAC Informal Advice (for re-ordering and some specialist work)

The DAC often provides informal advice to parishes before the formal application is submitted:

  • Site visits can be arranged
  • Draft proposals can be considered at a DAC meeting before full drawings are prepared by an architect
  • Early consultation is encouraged
  • The Archdeacons may be able to issue a Licence for Temporary Reordering (eg for temporary removal of pews)
  • A range of guidance notes is available


DAC Secretary
Sarah Anderson

Tel: 01634 560000



Secretary to DAC Secretary
Beryl Mayes

Tel: 01634 560000


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