Chaplaincy - Retail

Jan Foreman
Volunteer Chaplain, Bluewater

What’s your role in your particular workplace environment?
The role is to visit retail staff on a set mall, to be a listening ear and friend, to share the ups and downs of life, to share faith and hope if the situation dictates. Chaplains are invited co-workers by Bluewater Management who recognise the benefit of ‘welfare and wellbeing’ that is offered by the volunteers. We go out and inhabit the market place using the example that Jesus set.

What do you enjoy about it?
There is a buzz during busy times. Walking through the doors to be greeted by a warm welcome and hug where relationships have been built can bring a sense of bearing the good news in itself and especially when talk turns to faith questions, and that is a great honour to be able to serve God and help others. We are the church without walls and a presence bringing the love of God into the workplace.

How would you encourage others who might be interested in getting involved in chaplaincy?
Join a chaplaincy that is up and running and gain insight from being in placements. Try it out and see by shadowing. The Kent Workplace Mission supports and encourages its members to consider starting up fresh chaplaincies and offer help and advice and opportunity to explore their calling.

This is not a numbers game, this is bringing a sense of the love of God to people who may never enter church as we know it. This is church on the hoof, not church under the roof!  


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