One misson, many places: additional Indicative Offers consultation

Please note -  this consultation has now closed. Thank you to everyone who responded

Last year, the Diocese invited parishioners, clergy, lay ministers and PCCs to contribute their views to a consultation on Indicative Offers, as developments to the way funding for the shared mission and ministry of the local Church are considered.

We've listened to your reponses and as a result, have made some amendments to the original proposal.

We would now like your views on the changes.

What are Indicative Offers? 

Currently each parish makes a voluntary but vital Pledge Offer to support the work of the Diocese each year.

An Indicative Offers based system would see each parish provided with a suggested amount they could afford, based on a common formula (see left).

Read the original proposal here.



What did you say?

We were delighted with the response and are very grateful to all those who took the time to complete the online survey, emailed their views or attended a local meeting. 

Overall, the consultation showed that:

  • There is positive support for a formula based system; and 
  • Strong affirmation for the aims of the Indicative Offers system.

Please read the full consultation overview and amended proposal here

Or download our at a glance infographic.

There were concerns about:

  • Calculating the Wider Diocesan Mission (X) element of the formula on 50% of ‘residual net income’.
  • Applying a blanket 2.5% inflation factor
  • Calculations being based on just one year of accounts

Please read the full consultation overview and amended proposal here

Or download our at a glance infographic.


How we've listened

You shared lots of interesting ideas and suggestions about how we could improve the proposal - particularly about what the formula should include. 

We've listened, and we've made some amendments.

They include:

  • Retaining the formula but amend the calculation of the Wider Diocesan Mission to 10% of Gross Income (unrestricted)
  • Base calculations on a 3-year rolling average of a parish's accounts
  • To stagger any increase over 2 years from 2020 and invite parishes whose Indicative Offer is lower than their current pledge to maintain their offer for 2 years from 2020 to stabilise transition.

These changes should make the Indicative Offer simpler to calculate and understand.

See an example here of what a parish's Indicative Offer could look like under the modified formula compared to the original. 

Read the full new proposal here 


A final decision will be made at Diocesan Synod on June 2019



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