Children and Young People Fund

Children and Young People Fund

We have noticed a growth both in our young people's relationship with Jesus Christ and in their own personal characters."  (The Rev Adam Pyrke, Children and Young People Fund recipient)

The Children and Young People (CYP) Fund aims to support ideas that will give children and young people lifelong encounters with Jesus; grants can fund anything from resources and trips, to food and practical supplies

The Fund's ambition is to provide a base from which small projects and ministry can build up and be linked to the Diocesan Called Together vision. The fund has been made possible through the significant financial support of Colyer-Fergusson Charitable Trust.

Who the Fund has helped already
Your project
What can and cannot be funded
The application process
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Who the Fund has helped already

The Fund has supported a diverse array of projects across the Diocese, like the Loaves and Fishes group at St Mary’s Church, Chalk.

Thanks to a grant, they were able to purchase a box full of friendly puppets, theatre and curtain rail to offer a friendly, if fuzzy, face to new people in the area and particularly families.

“People seem to love puppets,” says the Rev Nigel Bourne, Vicar of St Mary, “I’ve always found they are a really good way to get people’s interest.”  Without the fund Nigel says they would have had to have been more cautious about getting started.

Now though, the puppets are going down so well, they are making appearances at some of the church’s main services too: “Some of our teenage members are helping to work the puppets, and so the puppets are even starting to support our ministry to our young adults too!”

  • Praise parties come to Chatham: Space Rockets have been seen landing recently over St Paul with All Saints, Chatham, bringing Chip Kendal and his praise party team to lead a series of Praise Parties for local children and their families. 
  • Budding film makers get big break at church club: A new film club for budding animators and film makers at St George's, Weald Sevenoaks is sparking the interest of young people at the church. 
  • Festival fun thanks to Fund: Young people from St Justus Church in Rochester enjoyed a fantastic weekend away at the SOLID Festival. 

Your project

Your project will have a strong emphasis on reaching the local and immediate community, demonstrating the love of Christ and following Jesus’ example of enabling people to be complete and have an identity in Christ. 

Applicants must show a desire to think beyond programmes and activities by a more systematic approach integrating the wider community, understanding the characteristics and ethos of the community alongside being realistic about objectives, time frames, and scope for sustainability, alongside being linked to the Diocesan “Called Together” Framework.

The Diocese and its leadership will look for areas of consistency and the areas where further development work & resource is needed within children and young people ministry, communities where deprivation and the marginalised suffer due to a lack of resource, advice, and support.

Projects that considered could involve:

  • discipleship,
  • transformation,
  • vocation,
  • participation; and,
  • raising low aspiration and self-esteem. 

Our vision is to Grow, Enrich and Resource our communities, giving our children and young people hope, identity, and a lifelong encounter with Jesus Christ.


What can and cannot be funded

Grants can be made from £1,000 - £5,000.  Grants can also be accepted up to £10,000 in exceptional circumstances if it is for churches working collaboratively within the deaneries.  Applications can be “fast-tracked” for grants under £1,500.  

What can be funded
Grants will be considered for projects that focus on:
  • discipleship
  • transformation
  • vocation
  • participation; and
  • raising low aspiration and self-esteem.

Grants can fund anything from resources and trips, to food and practical supplies. Our vision is to Grow, Enrich and Resource our communities, giving our children and young people hope, identity, and a lifelong encounter with Jesus Christ.

What is not funded
The fund does not cover:
  • salaries for employing a worker
  • commercial enterprises
  • buildings

The fund aims to nurture the development of new, existing and extended work in parallel with existing ministries.

The application process

Applications are welcomed from parishes and deaneries, and in conjunction with partnering organisations working collaboratively known to the Diocese of Rochester. 

For more details and an application form please email Sarah Cabella.


Key documents

CYP Fund Application Form
CYP Fund Guidelines
CYP Fund Criteria ticklist
CYP Fund Budget Sheet

Key Contacts

Sarah Cabella

PA to the Children and Young People team

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