Forms and Guidance

Below are all the forms, documents and guidance notes for each of the Administrative departments for download:

Church Buildings/DAC
Committee and Parish Support

PDF DocumentChurch of England - Dignity at Work Booklet

PDF DocumentAnti-Bullying and Harassment Policy

PDF DocumentGeneral Data Protection Regulation - A Guide for PCCs, Data Controllers and Data Compliance Officers

PDF DocumentGeneral Data Protection Regulation - Q&A for PCCs


PDF DocumentMediation booklet


DBS(CRB) Disclosure

PDF Document CCPAS  diocese of Rochester Disclosure Registration Form
PDF Document Disclosure Service Rochester
PDF Eligibility For DBS Checks 
PDF Document New Recruiter Appointment Form

Policy Statements / Notices

PDFPromoting a Safer Church poster incorporating relevant contact details

Policies and advice

The House of Bishops

PDFGlossary Reference Guide
PDF Promoting a Safer Church – House of Bishop’s policy statement (2017)
PDF Responding Well to Domestic Abuse 2017
PDF Safeguarding Joint Practice Guidance - Safeguarding Records 2015
PDF Safeguarding Joint Practice Guidance- leps 2015
PDF Safeguarding Practice Guidance - Safeguarding in Religious Communities 2015
PDF Safeguarding Practice Guidance - Safer Recruitment 2016
      For model recruitment forms please go to ‘Diocesan policies/guidance’ below
PDF Safeguarding Training and Development Practice Guidance (2017)
PDF Promoting a Safe Church (2006)

PDF Protecting All God's Children (2010)

PDFResponding to assessing and managing concerns or allegations against church officers (Repleaces - Chapter 7 ‘Managing Allegations against Church Officers’, Chapter 8 ‘Suspected abusers and known offenders’ and ‘the model agreement with offender’ in ‘Protecting All God’s Children 2010’) and replaces Promoting a Safe Church (2006) (that relates to concerns or allegations against church officers)

PDF Responding Well (Sexual Abuse) (2011)

PDF Roles and responsibilities practice guidance

Diocesan policies/guidance

Word Parental Consent Form for Single Events 
Word Registration Parental Consent form for regular specified group activities 
Word Health and Safety Check List - children and young people 
Word Activities Check List Form and Risk Assessment Form - children & young people 
Word Responding to CP concerns actions plan & check list for those making referrals
Word Complaints and whistle blowing policy
Word  Parish induction for new volunteers and workers
PDF PCC Membership Eligibility Criteria 2019
PDF Formal Safeguarding Statement
PDF Approved PCC Children's Activities in Private Homes
PDF Guidance for individual workers
PDF Safeguarding Agreements who should know

Model recruitment forms

Safer Recruitment



Excel Parish Finance Form
Parish Finance Form
 Return of Church Finance & Stats for Mission
Return of Church Finance & Stats for Mission
Excel file icon  Weekly Accounting Sheet Excel XLS

Guidance Notes

DBF Fees collection

Word DBF Fees Summary Nov 2019
Word Summary of Parochial Fees (inc. Retired PTO) 2020
Manual Quarterly Fee Return 2020
PDF Parochial Fees Table 2020
Quarterly Fee Return 2020
Word Vacancies and Sequestration Accounts Guidelines Nov 19

PDF Administration as a Spiritual Gift
PDF Budgeting and Reporting
PDF Budget 2019
PDF Budget 2020
PDF Budget 2020 presentation for Diocesan Synod 12 Oct 19
PDF Checklist of Documents for IE 
PDF Church Repair Fund / Diocese Loan Fund
PDF Expense Claim Form
PDF Fees for Occasional Duty 2019
PDFFinancial Controls Procedures 
PDF Independent Examinations
PDF Parish VAT Guide
PDF Parochial Fees Table 2019
PDF Parochial Fees Table 2020
PDF Parochial Fees Guidance Notes Feb 2020
PDF Parochial Expenses Booklet
Word Payments to Clergy on Jury Service
PDF PCC Treasurer Job Description
PDF Return of Church Finance & Stats for Mission
PDF Retired clergy fees table 2019
PDF So Now You are the Treasurer
PDF Treasurers’ 2019 Autumn Conference
PDF Year End Procedures


PDF Document Accounting Advisors
Word DocumentUtility Savings Update

Church Buildings / DAC

PDF Archaeology Policy 
PDF Architect , Surveyor Employing One
PDF Automatic Door Time Locks  - Ecclesiastical guidance
PDF Bats in Churches National England Guide
PDF Bells in Your Care May 2017
PDF Brasses Care of
PDF Burials headstone various types 
PDF Burials re-use of grave spaces 
PDF Carpets in churches
PDF Church Maintenance Calendar 
PDF Churchwardens' Advice note 
PDF Churchyard regulations (1981) 
PDF Churchyard Chancellor's memo (2007)
PDF Churchyards: English Churchyard Selection 
PDF  Churchyards - extension of churchyard procedure
PDF Clocks, Auto winding (CCC) policy 
PDF Closure of Churchyards - Home Office Guidelines
PDF Closure of Churchyards- Diocesan Guidelines
PDF Conservation reports for monuments (CCC) guidelines
PDFCR1 headstone request form
PDF Churchyard preferred rules of Gardens of Remembrance
PDF Easy access to historic buildings English Heritage 
PDFEcclesiastical general risk assessment form
PDFEcclesiastical. Fire guidance note
PDFEcclesiastical. Health and safety policy with guidance notes
PDFEcclesiastical. Health and safety self-assessment form
PDFEcclesiastical. Health and Safety with risk assessment template
PDFEcclesiastical.Fire Risk Assessment template
PDFEcclesiastical.Food safety checklist.2016
PDFEcclesiastical.Terrorism Risk Assessment
PDF Electrical - Risk Assessment & Electrical Safety
PDF  Faculties - How to Apply (2019)
PDF Faculties - Preparation of Documents
PDF Faculty Form 1A – Standard Information Form 2015
PDF Faculty Petition Form 3A – 2015
PDF Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015
PDF Faculty Jurisdiction Rules 2015 - Registrar’s memorandum
PDF Faculty rules: List A and List B
PDF Fire Risk Assessment Audit check list
PDF Flags - CBC guidance 2017
PDF Floors advice 
PDF Font and baptism policy
PDF Form for sale of Church Plate
PDF Grant Making Trusts 2014
PDF Headstone Request form CR1 
PDF Interior redecoration: mortars, plaster and wall coatings
PDF  Lightning Protection  Historic England
PDF Lightning Protection Guidance updated 2014
PDF Lightning protection – Guidance for architects and surveyors 2017
PDF Listed Places of Worship Grant Scheme (VAT) June 2014
PDF Maintenance caring for God's acre 
PDF Maintenance old burial grounds 
PDF Making changes to a listed church
PDF Notice boards 
PDF Oil storage regulations 2002 
PDF Organs pipe and digital
PDF  Seating in churches CBC guidance 2017
PDF Statement of Significance and Needs guidance 2014 
Word Statements of significance and need forms 2014 - short  
PDF Statement of Significance and Needs guidance Major projects 2014
Word Statements of significance and need forms 2014 - Major projects 
PDF Telecoms Equipment – Historic England guidance 2017
PDF Trees advice
PDF Trees CBC Guidance 2016
PDF Trees CBC Summary guidance 2016
PDF Treasures CBC guidance on security
PDF Treasures CBC guidance 2016
PDF Turret Clock Keepers handbook
PDF War Memorials – Structural work – Historic England guidance 2017
PDF War Memorials – cleaning – Historic England guidance 2017
PDF Window Guards
PDF Windows guards 
PDF Windows photo record advice 


 Emergency Telephone Numbers


Guidance notes and forms

 Letter regarding Hiring Agreements
Church Hall Agreement 1
 Church Hall Agreement 2
 Church Hall Agreement 3
 Chancel Repair Liability
 Chancel Repair Liability Guidance Pack
 Chancel Repair Liability May 2012 update
 Guidelines of leasing/selling church property


Circular 1 - Follow-up talk on Chancel Repair Liability (CRL) 15 June 2007
 Circular 2 - PCC Remuneration
 Circular 3 - Conflict of interest
 Circular 4 - Rights of Way
 Circular 5 - Smoking regulations
 Circular 6 - Legal Liability for paying Council Tax
 Circular 7 - Theft of Lead
 Circular 8  - Churchwardens of Pre-Reformation churches
 Circular 9 - Memo on Chancel Repair Liability
 Circular 10 - Water Rates
 Circular 11 - Use of Church Halls as Village Halls

Committee and Parish Support


Application for Postal Vote
 Churchwardens Six Year Limit Resolution
 SG7 - Results of Elections
The necessary forms for APCMs can be found here - Parishes should always use this site as their reference point for these forms, as it will be updated if requirements change at any point.

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