Seasonal resources

Lent and Easter Resources

The Government restrictions during Lent & Easter is currently unknown at this stage, please do consider what is safe to do and adjust these ideas to suit your local situation & restrictions.
Please note that many of these are shared freely on the basis they are not to be used for profit.

Blackburn Diocese has put together Easter Explorers:

Connecting with God through His creation.
A journey from Palm Sunday to Easter and beyond!
Crafts, games, storytelling and so much more.

Weekly@ Easter Explorers encourages you to use your outdoor space, whatever that looks like and whatever the weather, as you experience the Easter story in creative ways. Each session contains seven elements which offer creative and inspirational suggestions to help the children connect with the Bible passage. The material is adaptable depending on your group, the setting, and the amount of time you have available. 

Broken Bits & Weirdness (but God still loves us)

This is a selection of intergenerational pick-and-mix resources that can be used during Lent and Holy Week or at any time.  Perfect for churches, families, youth groups, Bible studies and personal devotions.

Each chapter focusses on one of the flawed characters from the Bible (there are plenty to choose from!) and explores how, despite all our Broken Bits & Weirdness, God can work through us and, astoundingly, loves us anyway. For more information click here

All-Age Lent Course

Consider an All-Age Lent Course from St Albans Diocese. Each week, there is storytelling, and then a choice of response activity. Each response activity will be in a different breakout room. Some of the response activities require having various simple resources available. There is also a version that does not require resources being with the family in advance.

Wonder of Easter

The Wonder of Easter is a book to help families explore the Easter story at home. Faith in has produced some lessons to go alongside the book which could be adaptable to your current children’s ministry.

Download the free app to follow this year's #LiveLent journey here


BRF has published a new book for families to share the Easter Story together.
£2.50 from their online shop.


Download the free app to follow this year's #LiveLent journey

They have also produced a series of family activities with scripture and reflection throughout Lent

Get Outside

Get Outside is available again from Hilary Bond. An activity a day for families to enjoy as they walk. From here and here

Wonder Walks

Wonder Walks is a resource from the Scottish Bible Society with a walk for each week in lent as well as Good Friday and Easter Sunday. They each take you to a passage in Mark’s gospel to help families prepare for Easter.

Archbishop of York’s Youth Trust

Archbishop of York’s Youth Trust has put together a youth resource for lent based on 6 things used in a journey and each week includes an introduction to the pilgrimage symbol, bible links, a short video reflection, 4 practical challenges and a closing prayer

The resource can be used for collective worship in school or church settings. Activities and challenges are suitable for KS2 and KS3 but can be adjusted for use with KS1 and KS4 pupils. And the New Wine Kids are planning an assembly to go alongside each week.

Lent Activities and Challenges on Facebook encourage families to follow Children, Youth and Families Greater Gower for a simple activity or challenge each day throughout Lent.

Easter Trail

After the popularity of their Christmas Nativity Trail Together @ Home has created this Easter Story Trail.  There are once again versions with or without a QR code.  The code takes you to where families can download a copy of the Easter Story.

Alternatively, you might choose to add your own QR codes or church information to the posters.  You could also attach the sections of the Easter Story to your trail points for people to read as they take part.

Together @ Home have also produced a resource to share with families for Pancake Day and Ash Wednesday.

Together @ Home have created this with 40 activities for families to do together during Lent.

They have also created this ‘self-care’ sheet with 40 ideas so you can pick 1 idea a day to help you feel better.

Easter Story Egg Hunt.

Hide different coloured eggs – printable - around the house or garden then tell the story using the coloured eggs. An example can be found here:

Ash Stones.

Using ash from something burned safely, mark a stone using a finger with the cooled ash. Cover in clear glue or varnish or mix to form a paint. An additional pre-printed or emailed card with a prayer or verse for the cross can be added to the ash stones.

Muddy Church

Muddy Church is encouraging people to ‘Heart Bomb’ their area – sort of rainbows but with love! Look online for heart knitting patterns which can then be delivered or left for people to find. Try and encourage your local churches to join in to make a bigger love explosion in your community.

Experience Easter with Families. 

This exciting resource for families contains an activity board to take you on a journey through Lent to Easter and beyond. The resources are designed to help the whole family think together about the story of events leading up to Jesus death. It could be a family who shares a home or a family in a classroom.

Experience Easter with Young People. 

Journey with Jesus is a series of prayer stations, from compiled and adapted material, based around the Passion narrative given in Mark’s Gospel.

These are free to download from Gloucester Diocese.

They have also created a resource aimed at schools but which could be adapted to our current circumstances. There is a charge for these resources but a great way to bless your school with the Easter story.

Wild Lent

Wild Lent is a book to change how we think about Lent. Instead of a nice cosy room, coffee, biscuits and lots of discussion about the meaning of Lent, you will be wrapping up warm and heading off into the wilds! It is time to get up close and personal with the creation and make a shadow clock, have a sunrise breakfast… Click here for more information

Lent and/or Easter in a Bag, box or envelope

Put together a bag of items and resources that a family or young person could use to help them consider Lent or Easter or both. Consider the current restrictions in your area to decide what is most appropriate. To download click here


God have a free downloadable set of printable’s and instructions for Easter in a Box as well as other Easter resources.

Think of including a red felt cross and explain that they can hold it as they pray, fiddle with it when they're worried, scrunch it when they're angry etc: however they're feeling, the cross - like God - can take it.

Bible Society

Bible Societyhas produced a new book for children with family activity pages in the middle at £1.60 each but bulk discounts are available.

They have also put some Easter activities together to suggest to families. As well as an Easter trail and videos available to share with your church and families.

Faith in

Faith in has a suite of resources that can be adapted for use this easter including assembly, toddler story, Sunday Club lessons, children’s slot and RE lesson.

Messy Church

Have produced some ideas for Palm Sunday

And Good Friday for families to use at home.

And here is a link to a Holy Week mini-mess at home. A lovely resource with a verse an activity and a food idea for each day of Holy Week.

BRF have others around Easter & Lent including a book of Easter ideas.

Craft Idea’s

Craft Ideas are abound on Pinterest. The MC page has some great examples as well as some Easter videos.

Children’s Society

Children’s Society has produced resources to help us think of Lent. The content is adult aimed however the content and activities could be adapted for a youth session.

The Methodist Church

The Methodist Church has also providedaome good resources to help with Lent and Holy Week

Scripture Union

Scripture Union has produced a Bible comic with Guardians of Ancora characters. There is also an All Resource Easter book available as well as their Light material for all-age as well as children’s ministry

They have also produced In Search of Easter is an Easter QR code trail from Scripture Union, aimed particularly at the 95% of children and their families who are not in church. This trail includes a combination of static and video clues that help families to explore the events when Jesus died and rose again, and to think about what they mean.

On Thursday 25th February there is a Zoom session on how to run the trail in different settings, and ways to develop and link it to other Easter outreach activities.

Lego Challenge

This is a 3-week interactive challenge (keeping Sundays a rest day) engaging with the events of Holy Week. Each day simply post the image on your Facebook page with the caption in the right order, and invite people to share pictures of their creations under each challenge! You should reach Day 18 on April 3rd, the Saturday before Easter Sunday. The second link focusses on the 6 days following the resurrection. Follow this, this links and this link are to the Lego Challenge page itself which you can refer families to.

Lent Prayer Calendar  

Using this link download and print a simple calendar outline. Each day, choose a word to ponder or a person to pray for. Write the word or name in the space with a pen and draw or doodle around it. Add colour. Let the word or name speak to you. If words come to you as you draw, pray them. If not, just continue to draw, stay quiet, and let the word or name burrow into your mind and heart. Returning to the calendar each day establishes a special time to be present to God and to listen to Him. Can send the calendars to families you are in touch with.

Materials for Lent 2021 from ROOTS      

Here – and there: How does Jesus’ journey to the cross speak into a world pandemic? 

Exhaustion. Isolation. Grief. Covid-10 has flung all these emotions, and more, at us. Now Emily Hoe-Crook brings us this thought-provoking resource for Lent, helping us begin to process the challenges we have been facing. This brand-new resource is ideal for adults and young people, individuals, households or groups. You could use it weekly through Lent, daily during Holy Week, or in longer sessions.

Lent Calendar 2021: For families of all ages to do together at home 

With readings, prayers and activities, this calendar is ideal for daily reflection and preparation during Lent and helps us to draw strength and inspiration from some of Jesus’ last words.

Schools Ministry:

As we are unable to physically be in schools maybe your church could offer to provide virtual assemblies either home produced or brought in.

Out of the Ark are offering 2 Easter assemblies for KS1 & 2 free.


CRiBS are creating a high-quality video of the Easter Story to share with primary schools. They ask only for a donation to share it with your local school or as part of a church service.


Spinnaker also has resources that can be offered to schools.

Tales from the Miracle

Tales from the Miracle are producing videos and lessons for schools to use with a suite of lessons covering the Easter story. Adapted for home and class situation. There will also be a website specifically for churches in the near future and a plan to make them accessible to families too.

Easter in a Box

Bristol Schools Connection has produced a great resource for primary school children in Years 4 - 6 and designed with current social distancing measures in mind. It could be taken into school by a church volunteer/team if measures allow or delivered to school by the church – church could then ‘join in’ via video link perhaps to answer questions at the end.

It provides a fun Religious Education and spiritual development opportunity.

Children are invited to imagine they are on a movie set watching the filming of ‘Easter – The Movie’. The movie is based on the biblical account of the last days of the life of Jesus. For each scene, they: look at a cast list and handle the props, hear and imagine the scene being filmed, discuss the emotions they felt and wonder and reflect on what they have learnt and can apply to their own lives, whatever their worldview.

They are offering training sessions online. The session will introduce you to the resource and give the opportunity to talk it through and ask questions. You can sign up here


If you have families that enjoy cooking you could adapt and use Mina Munns Baking through Lent with scripture, reflections and recipes.

Or Rachel Summers and Michael Beccato-Fischer bake your way through Holy Week.

Resurrection Rolls.

Encourage your families to make these for Easter. You could make a video of making and baking some to share with them. Or there is a video on YouTube which would be good to share. They need puff pastry, marshmallows, butter and cinnamon.


Encourage your families to make Pretzels for lent. Simple ingredients and has excellent links to Lent and the gospel story of leaven.

Easter Bible Chat Mat

Easter Bible Chat Mat is available from the Bath and Wells Diocese. A cartoon with lots of details to spot and chat about around a table. Consider offering it widely as simply a sheet of paper – carefully designed to share the Easter story.

Youth Resources :

There is a Lent course with series of films and interviews alongside devotional material focussing on how women and girls can become trapped in sexual exploitation, forced labour and county lines drug smuggling and what life is like for them beyond slavery. It also explores how we can support victims as they recover from the trauma and build resilient communities where modern slavery is noticed and cannot thrive.
It is designed for ages 9 and up but please look at the material as you know the young people you are working with and their families.
LecDec from Bath and Wells Diocese has an app and a set of cards which could be used as a material throughout Lent,

App available here
Pack of cards available from here

Websites with Additional Easter/Lent ideas:

Church, Covid, Holy Week and Easter group on Facebook has been the source of many ideas.

The Reflectionary there are also Easter ideas there. has some ideas for Lent & Easter at home for families. Be sure to credit them when using.

Easter Assembly Ideas are available here

The Church of England has plenty of resources on the website

The Resource – Support, Training and Resources for Youth and Children's Ministry


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