Poverty & Hope

The Diocese Poverty and Hope Appeal channels Christian concern in our Diocese about justice for the poor and food for the hungry towards our commitment to tackle the causes and effects of poverty in different parts of the world.

The Appeal was established some 30 years ago in response to the Bishops’ challenge to churches to give 1% of their income to relieve poverty. It raises funds to help eradicate poverty by supporting national and international projects that focus on core issues that lie at the heart of poverty – agriculture, education, empowerment of disadvantaged people and communities, and healthcare. It also seeks to foster education in the Diocese, working with schools on issues of global citizenship and encouraging churches, schools and communities to learn more about the causes of poverty and how it can be tackled around the world.

Projects are usually supported for three years, to help them grow and become self-sustaining. They are funded through partner charities with whom we work to identify suitable opportunities, and which provide checks that the funds are properly applied. We are currently working with Christian Aid, CMS, Us (USPG) and Commonwork. We distributed £33,000 from our 2014 Appeal, and hope to distribute a similar amount from the 2015 Appeal.

The Appeal committee is looking for new members to help coordinate the Appeal and reach out to churches and other groups in the Diocese. Please contact Debbie Cooper (details below) for more information.

Poverty & Hope Appeal – 2016

The 2016 Poverty and Hope Appeal was launched by James Langstaff, Bishop of Rochester in May 2016.

This year we are supporting six projects. They are summarised in our 2016 brochure, and explained in more depth in the detailed projects information note – follow the links. You can also download this display poster.  The projects are

KENT:   exploring with young people global crisis issues linked with poverty, injustice and climate change, working through Commonwork, an educational charity. Receives long-term support.
ARGENTINA:  supporting marginalised people and protecting the land on which they live and depend. Supported since 2015.
BURKINA FASO:   improving food security in the face of increasingly unpredictable weather. Supported since 2015.
DEMORCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO (DRC):   helping members of marginalised communities understand their rights and work with local authorities to secure resources and assistance.  Newly supported this year.
INDIA:  empowering vulnerable women through community councils. Supported since 2015
TANZANIA: providing vocational training through the Chemba Vocational Centre, an educational project from our overseas partner Diocese in Kondoa. Supported since 2013.

The project in Burkina Faso will receive matching funds from the EU which means that for every £1 you give, the project will receive £6. Similarly, the project in the DRC will receive £4 for every £1 you give with matching funding from EuropeAid.

Supporting the Poverty & Hope Appeal

We are very grateful for the support given in 2015 by over 65 parishes to the Poverty and Hope Appeal. We hope that this support will grow in 2016 as we continue to seek to help the most disadvantaged and give them the opportunities and assistance to move out of poverty

  • Please give to the Appeal and encourage your church to give. We can give you copies of the annual brochure, posters and gift aid envelopes.
  • Learn more about the organisations we are supporting - maybe invite a guest speaker from the Poverty and Hope Appeal or its partner charities.
  • Pray for the organisations we are supporting. You can use these prayer points.

New for 2016: This year we have a resource pack about the Poverty and Hope Appeal for use in a Sunday School. It can be found by following this Sunday School link.

If you would like to make a donation, receive details on the gift aid scheme or how to make your donation by standing order please do not hesitate to contact us using the details below. Please make out cheques to ‘Rochester DBF Poverty and Hope Appeal’ and send them to Debbie Cooper, at the address below. You may increase the value of your giving by gift-aiding your donation. This allows us to reclaim the tax relating to your gift.

News & Updates

Click on these links to find September 2016 updates on the Argentina project and India project and March 2016 updates on the Argentina project and India project. And here are September 2015 updates on some of the current and recently-supported projects: Argentina update, Kenya update, Myanmar update, Commonwork(Kent) update.  There is a short video about the India project here.

Here are some earlier updates from December 2014: Kent and Uganda project updatesKenya and Dominican Republic project updatesMyanmar project update.

A report outlining the Poverty and Hope Appeal’s financial position and a breakdown of its distributions to projects can be found following this link.

Contact Us

Debbie Cooper,
Appeal Coordinator, Poverty and Hope
6 Calverley Park,
Tunbridge Wells,
Kent  TN1 2SH
Tel:      01892-527611
Email: povertyandhope@gmail.com

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