The stories of the people and activities that take place within churches have incredible potential to inspire and encourage people in all sorts of ways. Photos are a great way to show others what your church is like, what matters to you and what you are up to.

So it is worth thinking about how to capture good images and making sure you have consent

The national Digital Team have put together a great blog with some hints and tips on how to take good photos:

Please always remember to tell people if you are going to take publicity photos. Here are a few other points to remember:

Consent and Safeguarding

  • You cannot take photos or videos of children without consent. This should be written consent.
  • However, written consent is not needed if children appear in a wide-angle group photograph in a public space (for instance, a photograph of the church fete). In these circumstances, organisers should make clear to all participants and parents that these kinds of images will be taken, and for what purposes.
  • Any should be clear how images will be used and where.
  • You should not share other's photos or videos without consent.
  • You must have secure storage for them.

For more guidance see the Safer Environment and Activities guidance from the national church (section 5)

If you are looking for a photo consent form, here is a standard one which you can adapt to your own setting:

If you're organising a large event, you should put up some large signs to let people know that photos and video will be taken:

Stock images

If you're stuck for images, then there are some great stock image sites that you can use. As the copyright is already sorted, it means you can avoid a nasty fine.

Some sites have a particular focus on Christian imagery as well. Take a look at some of these suggestions:

Using your photos

How your church and the materials you produce look, is a key part of communicating to others what your church community is about and encouraging people to join in. Gone are the days when clipart is acceptable on posters.

Use the photos you have taken in your newsletter, in your parish magazine, on your website and on your social media.

Use free software like Canva to help you design posters, social media cards, logos and leaflets to make you and your church stand out. 


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