Running a giving campaign

A giving campaign is an effective way to encourage people to review their giving, set up a standing order and sign up for Gift Aid.


A giving campaign - also known as a stewardship campaign - can make a real difference to parish finances.  On this page we cover all you need to know about how to run a giving campaign:

How does it work
What is needed
Giving presentation
Worship resources
Follow up
Tips on how to encourage people to give
Useful templates and materials



The purpose of a giving campaign is to:

•   Encourage people to review what they currently give
•   Encourage people to join the Parish Giving Scheme or set up a standing order, if they haven't already done so.
•   Encourage people to sign a Gift Aid declaration if they are eligible and haven’t done so.

While a giving campaign aims to increase a church’s income it is done in the context of God’s generosity to us and is not simply an appeal for money.

These giving campaigns are meant for the church family – not people who may live in the village but don’t come to church.


How does it work

  • The PCC agree to run a giving campaign and set a date with the giving adviser for a presentation.
  • Invite/encourage your church family to make it a priority to be in church on a specific Sunday.
  • The generous giving adviser will give a presentation during the ‘sermon slot’.
  • Everyone is given an envelope containing a brochure and response form after that Service.
  • Bring the completed responses into church to offer up to God in thanksgiving.


What is needed

A small group of 4 – 6 people who are willing to help with the campaign, preferably including the treasurer, someone who knows the people in the parish well, and someone who is organized and happy to sort out envelope stuffing, etc.

This group meets with the giving adviser to look at draft materials and decide on the wording, typeface, colours etc. The giving adviser prepares and prints the brochures. They will need the following information:

  • Information about the church, what makes it special, its activities, and plans for the future
  • Photos of the church and parish people
  • Financial information
  • Bank account details

Draft materials will be emailed to the parish for amendments, corrections and proofreading.  'Once final approval is given the parish will receive PDFs ready for printing.

The parish will provide an A5-sized envelope for the printed materials and a smaller envelope for responses. Each envelope should be individually addressed to members of the church family.




Three weeks before the presentation

Put up posters, do publicity, announce in church notices and encourage people to come to church that Sunday.

One week before the presentation

Make up the envelopes

Giving Sunday

The presentation will be made to the congregation during the church service.

Following the service, individual envelopes will be distributed.  Any individual envelopes which remain uncollected should be posted or delivered to the people involved.

Some parishes put on special refreshments after the Service to encourage people to stay and talk.

It is important that this information doesn’t go out before the presentation.

Two to four weeks later

  • If time and talent are included, the offers of help should be separated from the financial responses and passed to the co-ordinators of the areas where help is required.
  • Non-responders will need to be followed up.  This step is very important to the success of the giving campaign.
  • All the sealed responses are brought to the altar with the offertory in the main Sunday Service and offered up to God.

As soon as possible after the responses have been opened the church family should be told the results of the giving campaign and thanked. Anyone offering time and talent should be contacted promptly.


Giving presentation

At the centre of a giving campaign is a presentation to your congregation. This is usually during the main Sunday Service, but can be done at other times, to suit your particular circumstances
Giving presentation


Worship resources

There are well over 2,000 verses in the Bible about money, wealth and possessions.  You can find some scripture readings on giving and generosity here

For hymn suggestions relating to generosity and giving click here


Follow up

After the presentation, it is important to follow up with people who haven’t responded.  It can be done tactfully and will work wonders for the effectiveness of your campaign. Here are some suggestions on how to go about it.
Follow up guidance


Tips on how to encourage people to give

If you want to encourage your church family to give, remember to:

  • tell them where the money will go,
  • show them that you can manage their money,
  • lead by example with your own generous giving,
  • make it as easy as possible to give.


Useful templates and materials

Here are some template advertising materials, brochures and forms that you may find helpful in the running of your campaign.  You can use them as they are, or adapt them for your church.


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