Everyday calling

All Christians are called to be witnesses and disciples in their home, school, workplace and local church.

God calls men and women of all ages, backgrounds, and ethnic groups, each to play their part in building His kingdom. Some Christians will be called to ordained ministries, for example a vicar running a parish. Some will serve as Licensed Lay Ministers.

But all Christians are called to be witnesses and disciples in their home, school, workplace and local church. 

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Living out your calling in everyday life
Telling your own story of faith
Next Steps
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Deepening your relationship with God
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Living out your calling in everyday life

In the New Testament, we are given clear teaching on how important it is to live for Jesus whatever we are doing.  Most important of all, God has called each of us to our own calling or vocation. 

Being ordained or in another form of ministry is one small part of this big picture. 

People are called to follow Jesus in all sorts of ways. As mechanics, waiters, lawyers, recruiters, call centre operatives, nurses, childminders, refuse collectors, soldiers, chefs, software coders, teachers, bus drivers, personal carers. 

The list is endless and, most importantly, it covers what you do during the week. 

Through my work I want to show that just because you have a disability, that does not mean you do not have the right to a proper voice in society. I believe this is my calling. My church family and community groups have really supported me in this. 
Joseph Wastell, Founder, Disability Medway Network

You may be paid for this, you may be a volunteer.  Your work may be at home, it may be someplace else.  But we should be sure of this: what we do matters greatly to God, because he wants us to work to the praise of his glory and also to be a witness to Jesus.

Sometimes we might feel what we do is not important.   But it is of great importance to God.  And if it matters to God, it must be a big deal.

  • The Church of England's Everyday Faith pages have lots of resources to help encourage you in your everyday calling.


Telling your own story of faith

Just as we each have our own calling, we each have a unique story to tell about our journey of faith or the difference Jesus makes in our lives. It might be simple. It might be dramatic. It might seem ordinary. Whatever it is, it is always worth sharing.

Watch our series of films where people across our parishes share their stories of faith here


Next steps

You might have a burning inner conviction that God has a plan for you, or a nagging feeling that just won’t go away. It can also be called, a vocation.

  • Pray... With an open mind and an open heart, ask God how you might become all that he intends you to be and how best you can serve him.
  • Reflect… On your unique gifts. What makes you special? What gifts has God given you for growing his kingdom? Are you a good listener, someone with caring skills, keen to share your faith, creative, a natural leader?
  • Talk…to your vicar, your family and friends. Those who know you well may be able to see how God might be calling you. They might have spotted it a long time ago and have been waiting for you to recognise it yourself.
  • Come…to an It’s Your Calling day. These are run by our team of vocations advisers in different venues throughout the year. You’ll have a chance to meet people on a similar quest and have time and space to reflect on what exciting plans God has in store for you.

Here are some of the opportunities we have available to help you explore your calling:

'It's Your Calling' days

'It’s Your Calling' days are reflective days, aimed at those exploring where God may be calling them. They are an opportunity to look at our individual journeys of faith and the gifts that God has given us, as well as the Biblical understanding of vocation.

The day gives an opportunity to meet others on a similar quest and to take time to think where God could be calling. After an It’s Your Calling day, there is an opportunity to make contact with one of our Vocations Adviser, for an informal chat. 

'It's Your Calling' days are usually held three times each year, and generally take place during the day on a Saturday.

What's your calling booklets

Our downloadable leaflets aim to help you explore the different paths available to help you live out your vocation.

Is God Calling You
Lay Ministry

Vocations advisers

Vocations Advisers are not there to promote one type of ministry, but to listen to your story and to help discern what God might be saying; they are there for you. If at any time you would like to speak with a Vocations Adviser, you should first speak with your incumbent and then contact the Vocations Adviser in your Archdeaconry.

Bromley and Bexley Archdeaconry
The Rev Alison Newman
Email: newmans60@btinternet.com

Rochester Archdeaconry
The Rev Jim Fletcher
Email: jim@stgeorgesgravesend.org

Tonbridge Archdeaconry
The Rev Wil North
Email: revwilnorth@hotmail.co.uk

Each Archdeaconry has a team of men and women, lay and ordained, who are able to help. You can also email the Diocesan team direct on: vocations@rochester.anglican.org.


Gifts and talents need developing so, when you are clear what your future calling or ministry might be, we’ll be delighted to help you find the appropriate training.


Useful links and website

God's Story:Our Story
Everyday Faith portal - The Everyday Faith portal from the Church of England provides free digital resources for finding and following God in everyday life.


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