Liturgy and rites guidance

The following information has been put together in response to matters that are regularly raised with the Bishop’s Office regarding matters of public worship and holy rites.


Bishop's Guidelines

You will find much of the information and guidance you need as a member of clergy in the Bishop's Guidelines - a handbook providing answers to the most commonly asked questions you may have. It covers pragmatic issues such as money, housing, pensions and discipline, as well as matters of doctrine.

The handbook is compiled by the Bishop's Chaplain and is regularly updated. For all other documents relating to clergy issues and doctrine please see Useful documents below, or visit the Documents section of this website.

Children and Holy Communion

The Bishop's chaplain coordinates applications by parishes to admit children to Holy Communion before Confirmation. She, along with the other members of the Bishop's advisory group, is available to assist parishes in their applications and also to come and speak to parishes who are considering making an application.

A set of documents have been designed to inform parishes on legislation, best practice, and provide help for a congregation that is exploring whether it will ask for the bishop’s permission for baptised children to be prepared to receive Holy Communion before Confirmation.

The General Synod Regulations and official documents are also available below. Pages 1407-1410 are designed to provide the PCC, parents, children’s leaders, and the congregation with user-friendly information and suggested further reading before attending any meetings:

1401 Introduction
1402 Bishops Direction 2014
1403 Best Practice
1404 Application
1405 Re-Application form for parishes
1406 Sample PCC resolution
1407 Background notes
1408 Preparing your parish paper
1409 Including children in the Eucharist paper
1410 Suggested Resources
1411 Regulations
A Rite of Presentation
Children and Holy Communion - Parishes with permission as of 2022

If you need any further information please contact Bishopscourt on 01634 842721.



Dispensations under Canon Law December 2020


Christian Initiation

Christian Initiation return (to be completed by each incumbent sponsoring adult initiation candidates).


Holy Communion

Guidelines  for Holy Communion by Extension
Rite for Holy Communion by Extension
Rite for Holy Communion by Extension – Order Two
Holy Communion- further advice and practicalities


Key Contacts

The Rev Canon June Lawson

Bishop's Chaplain

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