Community Hubs

“We wanted to use the church as a centre from which to address isolation, loneliness, and health issues locally." (Andrew Gray, St Augustine's Gillingham)

Successful community initiatives are growing around church hubs. They can be set up in individual churches or deaneries, and they work in partnership with other agencies, community providers and local people to be a place of welcome, information and support.

Here we cover:

What is a community hub?
Why consider becoming a hub
Next steps
Useful links and documents


What is a community hub?

It may be a place where people can stay, or just a few how. It will be where agencies deliver their support programmes and meet clients, where Wifi is available for those who want to work or learn and those with a passion for the common good can share skills such as community gardening, Healthy Walks and Cook and Eat on a budget. 

This community space will include the provision of refreshments via Community Cafés or Places of Welcome.


Why consider becoming a hub?

Through their church volunteers, community hubs based in churches build the right environment for the community to experience what it means be a Christian, to receive and offer skills support and guidance and share in the life of the church. 

We now have 17 hubs and cafés supported by the Diocese’s Community Engagement and Social Action team.

Watch this short film about the Place of Welcome at St Augustine's Gillingham.


Next steps

The Community Engagement and Social Action team can guide you through the process of how you could set up a community hub, link you in with other hubs across the Diocese, and connect you with partner agencies.

Please contact our Community Engagement and Social Action adviser who will be happy to help you.


Useful links and documents

Risk assessment for Community Hubs (Word document - direct download)


Key Contacts

Magali van der Merwe

Lead Community Engagement and Social Action Adviser


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