Ministerial Development Review

The Ministerial Development Review (MDR), is an aspect of the Bishop of Rochester's episcopal oversight in keeping with the guidelines of the Church of England.


On this page, we give you information about a Ministerial Development Review (MDR) which includes: 

An introduction to the MDR process

Our Diocesan scheme for Ministerial Development Review (MDR) follows guidance from the House of Bishops and is, therefore, similar to schemes in other dioceses. 

MDR is an expression of the Bishop’s oversight of ministers within the Diocese; it sits within a pattern of pastoral and developmental support, which is intended to foster both the ministries of individual priests and deacons, and the pastoral and missionary calling of the whole church. It is not expected to bear the whole burden of this function alone.

Purpose of the MDR scheme

The aim of the Scheme is to:

  • help clergy take time to reflect upon their ministry not least in relation to the Ordinal
  • provide an opportunity for them to think about what has gone well and to consider the reasons for this. 
  • give a chance for reflection on what has not gone so well, and to respond accordingly. 

There is a particular focus on opportunities for further development and formation.



The requirements for MDR, which is formally part of the pattern for all clergy on Common Tenure, are set out in The Ecclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service) Regulations 2010 part IV. 

This and the accompanying papers (listed below) describe the MDR scheme for our Diocese.  The scheme is administered and supported by the Bishop’s Office and the Diocesan Formation and Ministry Team.

All the documents needed for the MDR can be found below or on the Documents section of the website


Useful documents

MDR 1 - Outline of the Ministerial Development Review Scheme
MDR 2 - Clergy Qualities
MDR 3 - Parish and Post information
MDR 4 - Report Form Year 1
MDR 5 - Report Form Year 2
MDR 6a - Personal objectives Report
MDR 6b - Ministerial objectives Report
MDR 7 - Notes and Feedback
MDR 8 - Notes for Bishop's Reviewers
MDR 9 - Evaluation form for clergy (following MDR)
MDR 10 - Self-Evaluation form for reviewers

Key Contacts


Director of MIssion and Ministry Development 


The Rev Ethlyn Roy-Johnson

MIssion and Ministry Development Team Administrator

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Peter Cornell

MDR Administrator

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