Sport and wellbeing

We want to help people of all ages – from young to old – live out their everyday faith in Jesus. Sport is a big part of many people’s lives and faith should be integrated with this.

As we recover from the pandemic, people will want to be more physically active together. Churches can be part of that desire locally, sharing with others in the love God has for everybody.

What is sport and wellbeing ministry?

If we believe that everything we do in life matters to God, then sport, fitness, and wellbeing must too, right?

From healthy walks and mobility exercise sessions to cycling groups and sports club chaplains, churches across the Diocese of Rochester are exploring ways they can be a positive and encouraging presence in people’s sporting lives.

What’s the evidence?

  • 16 million adults play sport weekly
  • Nearly four in ten in UKME communities play sport weekly
  • 1.6 million disabled people play sport weekly
  • 88% of children aged 5-15 play sport regularly

Get inspired

We've created this new video to help get churches and their leadership talking and thinking about how they might be able to be a Godly presence in people's sporting lives. You may like to watch it at a PCC or other church setting.

Watch on YouTube or download from Vimeo

Is there a plan?

Our hope is for:

  • People to figure out how their daily faith listens to and speaks to their love of sport or well-being
  • Churches to develop new forms of outreach and worship around sport and well-being
  • Both people and churches to make a generous and faith-filled contribution to the health of their post-pandemic neighbourhoods

Getting your church involved

Our Sports and Wellbeing Ambassador, Ian Simpson would very much like to help support you with ways you can engage with sport and wellbeing, as well as hear about activities you may already be involved with. He can be contacted on:

Prayer and awareness days

Prayers for the world of sport - Bishop Simon Burton-Jones, the Bishop of Tonbridge, has written a set of prayers to encourage churches and individuals to pray for those involved in sport and wellbeing activities. They can be used at any or if prefered on one of the awareness prayer days below.

Global Sports Sunday (17 September, 2023) -  Global Sports Sunday, aims to help Christian communities worldwide to pray for, connect with, and serve within the world of sport. Find out more

National Sports Sunday -  An annual UK-focused prayer event, offering a great way for churches to take time to consider praying and engaging with Sport as an opportunity for mission. Research shows that more than 25 million people in the UK participate in a sports community on a weekly basis. The next National Sports Sunday takes place on Sunday 12 May, 2024. Find out more


Key Contacts

Ian Simpson

Sports and Wellbeing Ambassador

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