Make a difference - stand for Synod

Want to make a difference? – Your Diocesan Synod needs YOU!

It’s that time in the round of diocesan elections when we draw together a new Diocesan Synod – an opportunity for you to serve the Diocese, your Deanery, and your Parish, and to play a part in our strategic vision “Called Together”. 

You may not realise it, but Diocesan Synod is where a real difference can be made. In the past Diocesan Synod members have responded to the need for more support for those living with dementia; they have approved the establishment of a Children & Young People Fund to help resource mission within parishes; they have also debated budgets, climate change, vocations, and many other subjects.  You could be part of this – you could make a difference. 

As we look to ‘Grow, Enrich, Resource’, you could share in shaping and forming the work of the Diocese as we move forward in a world that has constantly changing needs.  Our Diocese is a diverse place – both urban and rural; our churches are diverse – both young and old; and our demographic is also diverse – with a mix of many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds represented in our congregations.  Diocesan Synod should represent all of them – let’s make sure that’s the case.

Who? Me?

Anyone can stand for election, as long as they are a lay person who is a communicant member of the Church of England aged 16 or over and who is on the Electoral Roll of a parish in the deanery, or they are a Clerk in Holy Orders who is a member of the Deanery Synod. 

Philip French, Lay Chair of Rochester Diocesan Synod: “Diocesan Synod can easily seem like the same people, talking about the same things. We really need to have younger, enthusiastic members involved for the Church of the 21st century, not the 20th century. It’s also the place where we discuss our mission and strategy. So, Called Together is shaped in Diocesan Synod -  be part of that. Don’t have it done to you!”

Up for the Challenge? Then what next?

If you think you could do this - and you totally can! -, you need to get your hands on a nomination form.  These will be sent out to the electorate of each deanery in early May. If you’re not on deanery synod, just contact Suzanne Rogers at the diocesan office and ask for a form and you can have one sent out to you.

You need to get a member of your Deanery Synod to nominate you, and another to second you. There is more information on the diocesan website  about what Diocesan Synod does, how often it meets and what elected members might expect.

Once you’ve completed your nomination form, please just check it over one last time before you send it in – you’ll be surprised how easy it is to miss something vital!  Forms need to be returned to the Diocesan Office by 12noon on Wednesday 6 June to be valid.  With 79 clergy seats and 75 laity seats available it would be fantastic to have many contested as possible. Good luck!

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