Deepening your relationship with God

Deepening your relationship with God

Spirituality is about our personal relationship with God and the ways we can deepen that relationship through prayer and reflection throughout life.  

Christianity has a rich and fruitful history of spiritual practice spanning two millennia, helping Christians across the world to draw closer to God.

The Diocese of Rochester offers a number of avenues to help you explore and deepen your faith and prayer life. This work is supported by the Spirituality Network. A small group called STREAM holds the vision for the Network and organises courses and events.  They produce a newsletter, and if you would like to have this emailed to you, please contact Susanne Carlson

Within the Network, there are people who give retreats, spiritual accompaniment, quiet days and talks on various subjects to do with spirituality. These people are available to assist individuals, groups and parishes deepen their encounters with God.

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If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact our Spirituality Coordinator.


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Coordinator of Spirituality

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