Poverty & Hope

What is the Poverty and Hope Appeal?

The Diocese of Rochester Poverty and Hope Appeal is our annual fundraising opportunity to express our Christian belief in justice for the poor and food for the hungry.

Through the appeal, we show our commitment to tackling the causes and effects of poverty in different parts of the world.

The 2019 Appeal has raised over £27,000 for the Appeal’s chosen projects.. Could you help us achieve even more this year? 

How does it work?

The Appeal has been raising money since 1977 to help eradicate poverty in the UK and abroad.

It aims to do this by supporting national and international projects that focus on core issues that lie at the heart of poverty: 

  • agriculture
  • education
  • empowerment of disadvantaged people and communities, and
  • healthcare.

It also seeks to foster education about these issues in the Diocese, working with schools on issues of global citizenship and encouraging churches, schools and communities to learn more about the causes of poverty and how it can be tackled around the world.

An Appeal starts in May each year and we make a distribution to the projects supported in the July or August of the following year. 

How we support projects

Projects are usually supported for three years, to help them grow and become self-sustaining. They are funded through partner charities with which we work to identify suitable opportunities, and which provide checks that the funds are properly applied.

We are currently working with Christian Aid, Church Mission Society, USPG and Commonwork.

Projects like the USPG initiative tackling HIV and AIDS stigma in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe is one of the countries hardest hit by HIV and AIDS globally. This is Deborah's story:


Poverty and Hope Appeal – 2020

We have reluctantly decided to postpone the launch of our annual Poverty and Hope Appeal due to the restrictions imposed by the response to COVID-19. We hope that conditions will have been relaxed sufficiently to allow the launch of the Appeal in time for Harvest.

We are planning to support the same projects included in the 2019 Appeal.

You can still donate to the Appeal by making out a cheque to ‘Rochester-DBF Poverty and Hope Appeal’ and sending it to Debbie Cooper, Appeal Coordinator, Poverty and Hope, 6 Calverley Park, Tunbridge Wells, Kent TN1 2SH. You can contact Debbie for further information including alternative ways to make a donation on 01892-527611 or email povertyandhope@gmail.com.

All donations will be greatly appreciated to help the vital work being carried out by our partners to help the most disadvantaged people, whose circumstances are now even more difficult.

Our 2019 and 2020 projects

This year we are supporting five projects. They are summarised in our 2019 brochure, and explained in more depth in the detailed projects information note  – follow the links.

You can download a display poster  - or click on the image to the right. You can obtain copies of the brochure, poster and gift aid donation envelopes from Debbie Cooper at the address below.

The projects are

  • SRI LANKA:   advocacy, intervention and rehabilitation for children who have been traumatised through experiences of exploitation and abuse.Support began in 2018, and the project builds on our diocese’s three year programme to help the Church of England’s work to support victims of modern slavery and exploitation.
  • ZIMBABWE:   tackling HIV/ Aids stigma across four dioceses in Zimbabwe, including our companion diocese of Harare. Supported since 2018.
  • BURUNDI:  providing horticultural training for marginalised groups in Burundi. Newly supported this year.
  • SYRIA: providing education, training and support for young people whose lives have been affected by the conflict in Syria. Newly supported this year.
  • KENT: exploring with young people global crisis issues linked with poverty, injustice and climate change, working through Commonwork at Bore Place, an educational charity. Commonwork also works with young people with disabilities and learning difficulties to develop their skills and confidence, and with schools in high deprivation areas to tackle the rise in obesity. Receives long-term support.

The project in Syria will receive matching funds from the EU which means that for every £1 you give, the project will receive £10. This matched funding will continue for the duration of our support for the projects, notwithstanding the continuing uncertainties surrounding the UK’s withdrawal from the EU.

Supporting the Poverty & Hope Appeal

We are very grateful for the support given in 2018 by 75 parishes to the Poverty and Hope Appeal.

We hope that this support will grow in 2019 as we continue to seek to help the most disadvantaged and give them the opportunities and assistance to move out of poverty.

You can support us by:


  • Giving to the Appeal and encouraging your church to give.
  • Please ask us for copies of the annual brochure, posters and gift aid envelopes.
  • Learn more about the organisations we are supporting – we would be delighted to provide a guest speaker from the Poverty and Hope Appeal or its partner charities.
  • We can also offer to lead school assemblies, using examples from the projects we support, to encourage children to think about the needs of the world. Contact Debbie Cooper at the address below.
  • Pray for the organisations we are supporting. You can use these prayer points.
  • Join us - the Appeal committee is looking for new members to help coordinate the Appeal and reach out to churches and other groups in the Diocese. Please contact Debbie Cooper (details below) for more information.

Make a donation

Please make out cheques to ‘Rochester DBF Poverty and Hope Appeal’ and send them to:

Debbie Cooper,
Appeal Coordinator, Poverty and Hope
6 Calverley Park,
Tunbridge Wells,
Kent  TN1 2SH
Email: povertyandhope@gmail.com

You may increase the value of your giving by gift-aiding your donation. This allows us to reclaim the tax relating to your gift.

If you would like to receive details on the gift aid scheme or how to make your donation by standing order please do not hesitate to contact us using the details below.

News & Updates

We have updates on various project that have been supported by the Poverty and Hope Appeal. Follow the links to the 2019 project updates ( Burundi, Sri Lanka, Syria, Zimbabwe ) 2018 updates, 2017 updates, 2016 updates, 2015 updates and 2014 updates. There is a short video about the India project here. It was supported between 2014 and 2017.

A report outlining the Poverty and Hope Appeal’s financial position and a breakdown of its distributions to projects can be found following this link.

Contact Us

Debbie Cooper,
Appeal Coordinator, Poverty and Hope
6 Calverley Park,
Tunbridge Wells,
Kent  TN1 2SH
Tel:      01892-527611
Email: povertyandhope@gmail.com

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