CMD Grants information

Please complete the Personal CMD Grant Application Form as fully as you are able, and return it to:

The Personal CMD Grant application form can be downloaded by clicking here  and more information from here and sent by email to

If you are a lay minister wanting to apply for a CMD grant please click here for more information about making a claim or by clicking here for a grant application form.

Personal Grants

The fundamental criteria for making a CMD grant is to develop ministry skills, to deepen faith, and to nourish spirituality through courses, conferences and similar undertakings. Areas for development may be highlighted resulting from a Ministerial Development Review [MDR]. Whilst retreats are an appropriate use of the fund, it is clear that the fund’s prime purpose is professional development and training and this should be evident in its use and allocation. Normally the maximum which may be used in any triennium for retreats and such like activities including Spring Harvest, New Wine, Greenbelt or Forward in Faith conventions is £100. Parishes should also help ministers towards the cost of retreats as they are a necessary part of ministry. The reason for this is that, whilst such events are a worthwhile support and encouragement in people’s ministry, they are not primarily meant to be training and education courses and as such it is appropriate to encourage people to look beyond such events for the use of their CMD grant.

One grant up to £150 may be issued once every three years towards a deanery residential. A CMD personal grant application form must be completed by the applicant concerned. The payment for a deanery residential will be made directly to the area dean and or the venue for the residential.

The grant represents the actual fee and does not include travel. Travel expenses should normally be claimed as part of parish working expenses. You are encouraged to discuss what you will do with those who support your ministry, including churchwardens/PCCs etc as appropriate.

Personal Grants can be issued in two ways:-

[i]       via your bank account
[ii]      by direct deduction from your personal CMD allowance for fees associated with events organised by the Diocese of Rochester.


  • Full and part-time Stipendiary Clergy and Self Supporting Ministers have an entitlement of £600 over three years. 2016 - 2018
  • Stipendiary and Self Supporting Ministers in IME 4-7 Phase 2 do not share in the entitlement of a Personal CMD Grant.
  • Other clergy may submit applications for consideration, but payment is discretionary and cannot be guaranteed.
  • You may apply for further assistance from your Archdeacon who may consult with the Assistant Director of Formation & Ministry.

Retrospective Payments

At the end of the three year cycle, all accumulation is lost, whether spent or not. All clergy come within the same three year cycle, regardless of when they come to the Diocese or when they ceased their title. The present three year cycle began on 1 January 2016. The scheme is administered in whole years. Retrospective payments are not possible: an application should be received, and payment agreed, before the event you are attending.


You are asked to send in a brief evaluative report as soon as possible after the event you have attended. As well as a brief description of the event itself [or if a retreat, its venue and format], some comments on the learning and value you have derived should be included. If the CMD grant was awarded as an outcome of your  MDR this must be reported in your next MDR. CMD grant Reports are requested for two reasons:-

  • Firstly, the writing of a report can help to focus your own reflections and consolidate the learning.
  • Secondly, these reports help those responsible for CMD to know what events, venues etc. clergy are finding valuable and useful.

An evaluation sheet is provided by the Formation & Ministry Team for you to use if you prefer. This can be downloaded from the diocesan website and sent by email to

Course Report Form 2016-2018


Grants need to be spent on courses, conferences and retreats approved by the Assistant Director of Formation and Ministry and cannot be spent on the purchase of books. The cost of all theological and service books may be set against tax as part of clergy working expenses.

Further Questions
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact the Formation and Ministry Team on 01634 560000 or email

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