Mobility Classes at St Mary Shortlands

Mobility Classes at St Mary Shortlands

First published on: 14th May 2022

The Mobility Group at St Mary Shortlands, is just one example of how churches across the Diocese are exploring ways they can be a positive and encouraging presence in people’s sporting lives.

The group is led by a member of the congregation, Jan Boam, who has for a number of years been supporting the less mobile of the parish.

Stephanie Maurel, from St Mary's, explains how the group started and the benefits it brings:

"My son wondered if there would be an interest in an exercise class specifically aimed at seniors. The incumbent said to give it a go!

"Our trainer uses recognised, approved and beneficial exercises for improving mobility. I support the venture by providing tea and cake to follow the class. We partake at our own risk, make a small donation to cover refreshment costs, regular donations to the church and charities of our choice. We are fortunate to have a retired physio in the class to advise on any new exercises."


"The physical benefits speak for themselves, a ninety-five year old ‘feeling energised’, improved movement in seized up joints, greater flexibility, improved balance and posture. The ‘sit to stand’ exercise has has proved we don’t need to use the pew in front in order to get up!

"The less obvious benefits have been enormous. The companionship, conversation and simply caring about each other has seen the participants blossom and develop into a vibrant, supportive and fun-filled group. Throughout the pandemic we found ways of continuing by having regular phone calls, printed exercises to do at home during the lockdowns, then socially distanced exercising in the church grounds when rules relaxed. They are an inspiration!"

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