Part-time Vicar for the Benefice of St Mary, Gravesend

Created: 26th March 2024 at 12:15


Clergy posts

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Part-time Vicar for the Benefice of St Mary, Gravesend

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Clergy post

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Benefice of St Mary, Gravesend


Rochester Archdeaconry

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July TBC

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Vacancy for a part-time Vicar for the Benefice of St Mary Gravesend

Thank you for prayerfully considering the vacancy for the parish of St Mary Gravesend.

The accompanying Profile paints a very helpful picture of the parish and their expectations of a new priest.   There is a sense of a new season with a newly extended parish, new housing and the appointment of a priest focussed on ministry in the church and beyond. Although the new priest will not be formally connected to St George’s School, as they have appointed a full-time Chaplain, there will still be regular links as the School use the church building for acts of worship.

I have worshipped a number of times at St Mary’s during my time as Archdeacon and led a day with their PCC in 2023.   They are a friendly church; their worship is informal, and they have a real sense of growing Christian disciples and of loving their parish.

St Mary sits within the wider Gravesend Deanery which follows the River Thames from Greenhithe to Higham.   The Deanery includes rural and urban parishes across a range of church traditions and operates with a strong sense of collegiality.
I would be very happy to talk further about this vacancy with anyone who wants to know more.   Please contact my EA, Fiona, to arrange a time by emailing her on

With every blessing,
Andy Wooding Jones, Archdeacon of Rochester



The ideal candidate will be someone who:
•    is a strong and prayerful leader, who can work collaboratively with our lay ministry team and motivate and support our varied volunteer ministries.
•    has an ability to relate to and understand the needs of our young families. This is essential to our mission and identity as a church.
•    can work with us to discern a vision to increase and develop our church membership and deepen our Christian faith.
•    understands and can express inclusivity.
•    prioritises safeguarding, encouraging everyone to promote a safer church.
•    deals sympathetically with bereaved people.

In return you will find:
•    a happy and supportive PCC who enjoy working together.
•    a kind and considerate congregation.
•    personal space for rest and recreation.
•    enduring friendships, laughter and fellowship.


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