Vocation Resources

All of us have unique gifts and talents and as Christians, we are all called to serve God. 

Our downloadable leaflets aim to help you explore the different paths available to help you live out your vocation.

Is God Calling You
Lay Ministry
Ordained Ministry

If you would like to explore your vocation further, why not attend one of our It's Your Calling days? Find details here


What is God's plan for you?

The Church of England's own Vocation pages have some great stories and information about the various ways you can express your vocation in the Church

Visit it here

Vocation Sunday

Each year throughout the Church, one Sunday is dedicated to Vocation. The Church of England has produced some excellent resources on www.vocationsunday.org  

In a sense every or any Sunday is a time to celebrate Vocation, so the resources are suitable for whenever they can be helpful in promoting where God is calling

Further Reading

Here is a list of books you might find helpful on the topic of Vocation and calling 

  • An Introduction to Christian Ministry (Gordon Kurht, Church House Publishing 2000)
  • Being a Deacon Today (Rosalind Brown, Canterbury Press 2005)
  • Being a Priest Today (Brown and Cocksworth, Canterbury Press 2002)
  • Called or Collared (Frances Dewar, SPCK 2000)
  • How to find your Vocation (John Adair, Canterbury Press 2000)
  • Invitations :God’s Calling for Everyone (Frances Dewar, SPCK 1991) 
  • Live for a Change (Frances Dewar, SPCK 2004)
  • Thank God it is Monday – Ministry in the Workplace (SU 2001)
  • The Life and Work of a Priest (John Pritchard, SPCK 2007)
  • This is our Calling (Charles Richardson, SPCK 2004)
  • Get a life (Tim Sledge and Ally Barrett - for vocations among teenagers, a Youth Emmaus Course)
  • I think it’s God calling (Katy Magdalene Price BRF 2015

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