As our current circumstances continue with social distancing and physical church gatherings still not able to occur, we are still very aware of both the challenges and opportunities this offers churches, parishes and their families.

If you're not sure where to start, take a look at this page of ideas to help churches try to maintain contact through the Covid19 crisis

We are also looking at ways we can enable you to support your young people, children and their families over what could be an extended period of time.

As this time goes on we will all find a new way of being ‘normal’. This will come from your own routines as well as the families, children and young people you are supporting, it will also be an on-going process to discover what you and your families find helpful.

We have three categories: Family Ministry within the Home, Keeping Busy and  Keeping Connected.



Following on from the success of “Take up the Cross” over Easter we want to encourage you to let the Flame of the Holy Spirit be displayed across our communities as we celebrate Pentecost.

The same template can also be used to display the Dove of Peace within our homes. As you create a Flame or a Dove share with each other how God has enabled you through the gift of the Holy Spirit and who also brings Peace.

Please do take photos and send them to or tag us on Facebook @CofERochester or Twitter @SeeofRochester


How to use these pages

These pages are to enable and inspire clergy, licensed ministers, volunteers, parents and carers to continue spiritual practices and faith formation online and within homes.

We would encourage those who have leadership responsibility to consider how to make streamed Sunday services interactive, allowing a more intergenerational approach; including spaces for families to interact with each other and respond to God whilst being connected to the wider congregation through the streamed service.

Family Worship sheets will be available to download as examples to use with your congregations or for families to lead worship together. 

For parents, carers and volunteer leaders there are resources to equip and encourage you to embed faith formation and practices within your family and family’s home, these will bring reassurance, hope and fun at a time where there is a lot of uncertainty and provide a way of staying connected.

These are just a few we have come across although we are sure there are lots more out there. Please share with us what you find most helpful so we can then share it with others.

Do let us know and we will add to these resources regularly, we will endeavour to update weekly.

As a team we will be praying for you and please keep in contact, we are available through email, telephone call and we’ve quickly learnt how to Zoom so we are very happy to book these in with you.

God Bless Cheryl, Laura & Sarah.

How do we explain Covid19 to our children?

This is a lovely booklet to print or read on the screen to help parents as they talk with their children.

And if you have very young children this youtube book is very helpful

Some suggestions on how to talk to your Children about Coronavirus:

  • You need to do what you need to do to stay informed.


  • But then turn the TV off. Children don’t need to see the constant media coverage, rising death toll, or photos of the empty store shelves. Too much information, and false information can cause their fears to grow.  You have the ability to protect them from that. As you educate yourself and as the situation changes, be sure to repeat these steps. This should be an ongoing conversation with your kids, and not a one time talk.


  • Ask your children what they already know. They will already have some information. It may not be correct, but it will help you guide the conversation once you know what they already know. Talking can also be a good way to help them process what they have heard, and what they think about what they have heard. As you listen, you will also be better prepared to guide the conversation to help them navigate this the best way possible.


  • Be honest with yourself first. We are in uncharted territory. The events of the last few weeks are unprecedented. You don’t have anything in history, recent or past, to compare to. And it is that unknown that is causing the fear which is leading to panic. Stores are selling out of toilet paper, and that just doesn’t make sense. Your children will ask you questions you don’t have answers to, because you have questions yourself you don’t have answers for. So when you talk with them, be honest.You don’t know all the answers and that’s ok to admit to your children.


  • Now think about if from your child’s perspective.  They are often afraid of the unknown. They are going to take a lot of cues from you during this time as well. Do what you can to not show them your fears. Helping your children identify and talk about what they feel will help them to process the entire situation. They may not know what they feel or how to express it.  To some children, this virus is just something that happened—it is bad, people get sick and some have lost their life, but after mentioning what they know of the situation, they are ready to move on with their day.  But your child is an individual and so are their reactions, and that may change.  Use what you know about your children and their personalities to help them through this potentially scary time.


  • Pray – we are not in this alone we are being held by the creator of the universe – and that may be a hard conversation to have. So pray - for the safety our friends and family, and also for those affected by the virus. Pray for God to help you not be afraid. Pray for wisdom for our leaders who have to make difficult decisions.

God knows what is happening. He is not surprised. And he doesn’t want us to be afraid. In fact, the Bible tells us 365 times that we don’t need to be afraid. That’s enough times to read one per day for an entire year!

It’s a difficult and potentially scary conversation to have, but it is one you are best qualified to have with your own children. They look up to you. They trust you. They love you. They will listen to you.

What they do need to know is that you will always listen to them and that their questions and fears are not silly. And that you will do everything you can to keep them safe.

You may want to have a look at the below websites if you need help and advice about children and young people and their wellbeing.

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