Keeping busy

As schools are closed for most children we are aware that now there is a lot of time for families to fill so we have tried to find some educational as well as fun things to do.



There are some story time resources for under 5’s or Toddler groups.

Things to make…

We are starting a Diocesan Challenge to flood the diocese with crosses.over the Easter period.  There are various ways to join in – Make Origami Crosses, Colour Cross pictures, Crochet Crosses, Window Art Crosses, Stain Glass Crosses, Sand Art Crosses, Modelling Clay Crosses, Lego Crosses. Below is a list of sites to inspire you and let your faith be shown.

As you place your creation up in windows pray together the following prayer:


We are finding simple crafts and adding them to a Pinterest Page as we find them.

Out and about – have you seen the rainbows in windows? Try and spot them as you are on your walks. Try making one yourself and hang it where children passing by can see it.

Bears have also been spotted in windows around the world as families follow the advice in ‘Going on a Bear Hunt’. How about placing a bear in your window?  – share a picture with your family and friends – spot the bears on your walk.


David Walliams is reading a story everyday at 11am –

Audible are now offering stories free for children and students -


Joe Wicks  is leading a PE lesson every morning at 9am on Youtube, although you can do it later!

Or heading to the great outdoors – or your living room and joining in with the largest virtual camp. Look at Facebook under Northumberland Scouts.

Family Travel …  well almost try  to take virtual tours of museums and sights across the world.

Educational Resources…

TTS are available on -

World of Minecraft have put educational content up for free in the game area. 

And Twinkl is also offering parents free resources on -

The Scouts have come up with 100 ideas to do at home – try some of them out

Maybe something to watch - try Saddleback kids on you-tube they have lots of fun videos of bible stories (155) and some specifically for toddlers.

Family Activities

Try a Pilgrimage at Home using the linked resources

Sign up for Scripture Unions make and pray facebook posts to do as a family while we are at home. The link is here

Young People

You could set some fun tasks for your Youth Group to do whilst at home to take their mind off things

 Photography Challenges:

  • Photograph something around the house beginning with every letter of the alphabet
  • Photograph something of every colour of the rainbow
  • Take a photo that only has objects of one colour
  • Take a close-up picture of something
  • Take a photo in black and white

Art Challenges – these can be limitless!! You can also find 30 day art challenges online, but here’s a few ideas to get you started:

  • Do a drawing without taking the pen off the paper
  • Draw/paint a self-portrait
  • Draw a picture that is no more than 1inch tall/wide
  • Draw/paint about something that inspires you
  • Draw/paint something from your favourite book
  • Invent an imaginary friend and draw/paint them

World Record Challenges – challenge the group to try and beat some silly world records:

  • Most spoons balanced on the human body (79 to beat)
  • How quickly can they eat 3 cream crackers (14.45 seconds to beat)
  • Farthest distance to blow a pea (7.51m to beat)
  • Farthest distance to throw a paper airplane (69.14m to beat)
  • Tallest toilet paper tower in 30 seconds only touching one roll at a time (28 rolls to beat)
  • Most underpants put on in 1 minute (18 to beat)
  • Largest bubblegum bubble blown (50.8cm to beat)
  • Most Smarties/M&Ms eaten with chopsticks (one at a time) in 1 minute (20 to beat)
  • Most dominoes stacked in 30 seconds (48 to beat)

Learn Something New Challenges:

  • Learn New Languages for when we are able to travel again try language
  • Crash Course – (loads of subjects to pick from)
  • Challenge everyone to learn as many digits of Pi as possible (there’s a song to help:
  • Something physical – yoga, tai chi, Pilates, weight training (can be done with cans of beans!!), deep breathing/meditation (tutorials for all can be found online)
  • Writing – do a mini-NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) where you set a word count and challenge them to write a story in that time frame, challenge them to write a poem every day
  • Ted Talks – encourage them to watch a new Ted Talk each day (

Don’t forget it’s not about achievement it’s about keeping that sense of community, and helping them feel like they’re not alone.

Creativity For All

Parents may be looking for things to keep their young person faith filled and calm – these colouring resources from Youth for Christ look helpful.

Squidoodle Colouring Pages - Here you'll find some free PDF downloads for colouring in. Save the PDF, print it out and get colouring!

YouthScape have come up with a Lockdown Listicle of 99 things to do this Easter

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